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By    -   CEO, Technical Director
Are you prepared for winter?

You might wonder why on an I.T. blog we are asking whether you are prepared for winter when it’s a question normally reserved for your boiler man or garage. Winter brings with it the possibility of a number of different adverse weather conditions whether that Read More

By    -   CEO, Technical Director
Kent Cooks Competition Winners Announced

VooServers are proud to announce that the winners of this year’s Kent Cooks competition have been announced. The best 13 entries out of 180 entries were all invited to East Kent College, Broadstairs to take part in a Masterchef-style cook-off. Isabella Lee, 15, from Invicta Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
Can you Work Without Emails?

Emails have held the vast majority of business communications for years now but slowly we are seeing larger companies move away from emails and deciding to use fast instant messaging services instead. Some companies feel that emails constantly flooded with messages make it hard to Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
The New UK Surveillance Law

In light of the recent terrorist attack in Paris, David Cameron has urged that we fast track the proposed UK surveillance law, known to some as the “Snooper’s Charter”. Many other politicians including Boris Johnson and Lord Carlile have both said they are firmly behind Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
Protecting Your Data On The Move

Protecting your data should always be a big priority, especially now where it seems that more and more common that large databases of information, such as TalkTalk, are being hacked into. So to help you try to protect your data, I am going to go Read More



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