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By    -   Web Strategist
How to keep your data safe in 2017

In the past couple of years, the number of data breaches has increased for companies of all sizes. Some of the more well-known breaches in the last couple of years were of Yahoo, where the account information of more than 500 million users was stolen… Read More

By    -   CEO, Technical Director
Roll the Dice Testing

Roll the dice testing was an interesting new concept introduced to me in September whilst at Microsoft Ignite 2016 however ever since I’ve found myself explaining it to existing and new customers as a fantastic way to perform… Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
GDPR Brexit Review

The General Data Protection Regulation was set to be in place by May 2018. However due to the 2016’s referendum where the UK public voted out of the European Union, this will now influence how the government works with the GDPR. Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
Is It Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server?

Not every business or organisation needs a dedicated server from the outset. As businesses grow, so does the amount of data that they require to be stored, their client base, potential customers and staff grows, as well as traffic… Read More

By    -   CEO, Technical Director
Potree Converter Install

Recently a client came to me with a custom dedicated server requirement to run a piece of software called Potree ( for rending 3D point clouds on the web for users to access and view data. This is a great piece of software however in trying to compile on CentOS Linux I came across the below error… Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
EU’s Cyber Security Bill

In December of last year, EU lawmakers agreed on new cyber security laws that are set to be in their final forms by Spring this year. The NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive will “impose new network and… Read More

By    -   Head of Technical Projects
Server Operating Systems… The Famous Five

When it comes to dedicated servers, choosing an Operating System to suit your needs is crucial. Here at VooServers we offer a variety of custom setups, but by far the most common requests at setup time are… Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
Wearable Tech within Business

Over the past year there has been a big buzz about wearable tech such as the Apple Watch and Google Glass; but do these products have any place in the work place or will they just impede your work flow and end up costing you Read More

By    -   CEO, Technical Director
Dedicated Server or Colocation

The question of whether to go for a dedicated server or collocating your own server or hardware is a question that we are often asked here at VooServers and 90% of the time cost is the main driver for colocation. The other 10% would be Read More

By    -   Help Desk Analyst
What’s Changing With Windows Server 2016 Licensing

Microsoft have recently made available information detailing licensing changes for the upcoming release of Windows Server 2016. The main and most controversial change is the move from per-processor licensing to per-core licensing for both Windows Server 2016 Standard and Datacentre Editions. This will not only Read More



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