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Due to some uptake in our Outlook plugin for WHMCS we have decided to continue development and release version 1.1 today which contains the following new features:

  • Convert to ticket now also searches contacts not just accounts like the previous version
  • Attach to ticket has been added to allow e-mails to be attached to existing tickets
  • Create ticket has been added to allow a ticket to be manually created from within Outlook
  • A few minor bug fixes and performance enhancements have been made

WHMCS Outlook Plugin

The ClickOnce installer is now also signed as a few people were seeing errors where the installer was not previously signed.

The name of the assembly has also been modified so if you have installed the previous version you will need to remove it from add/remove programs before installing the new version to avoid both plugins being installed at the same time.


  WHMCS Outlook Plugin v1.1 (517.7 KiB, 1,186 hits)


  • Bruno Thomann says:

    very nice plugin. but be me isnt working
    outlook 2016
    WHMCS 7.1 – PHP 7.0
    2 way auth.
    is there any issues

    • Hi Bruno,
      Do you receive any error message or does it not appear to do anything?

      It may be worth checking your API log and general web server logs to make sure the request comes through and for any error messages.

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