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By    -   Help Desk Analyst
Microsoft Exchange Server High Availability

History of Exchange HA Prior to Exchange 2007, high availability and disaster recovery features were fairly limited and even up until Exchange 2010 these features relied heavily upon expensive technologies that were complex to implement. Exchange 2007 introduced Local Continuous Replication (LCR), Cluster Continuous Replication Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
AMD 32 Core Naples CPU for Enterprise

At one point AMD was rivalling and indeed outperforming Intel in the CPU market, this was certainly the case as I was becoming a teenager (some 17 years ago now). Not only were AMD faster in many benchmarks, on many occasions they were better value… Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
How to keep your data safe in 2017

In the past couple of years, the number of data breaches has increased for companies of all sizes. Some of the more well-known breaches in the last couple of years were of Yahoo, where the account information of more than 500 million users was stolen… Read More

By    -   CEO, Technical Director
Roll the Dice Testing

Roll the dice testing was an interesting new concept introduced to me in September whilst at Microsoft Ignite 2016 however ever since I’ve found myself explaining it to existing and new customers as a fantastic way to perform… Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
GDPR Brexit Review

The General Data Protection Regulation was set to be in place by May 2018. However due to the 2016’s referendum where the UK public voted out of the European Union, this will now influence how the government works with the GDPR. Read More

By    -   Head of Technical Projects
Dirty Cow: The latest Linux Kernel Privilege-Escalation Vulnerability

‘Dirty Cow’ may sound humorous and far strung from the world of IT Systems Security, but the truth couldn’t be more different… Read More

By    -   Head of Technical Projects
How-To: Rate Limit Outbound Mail in Postfix using PostFWD on CentOS 6.x

In this guide, I show you how to install Postfix and PostFWD (Postfix Firewall Daemon), configure rate limiting for a specific recipient domain, and… Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
Virtual Reality Within the Workplace

Over the past couple of years, Virtual Reality has slowly become more and more realistic for everyone to use in their day to day lives, with its more probable use being in… Read More

By    -   CEO, Technical Director
Microsoft Ignite 2016

Last week our Technical Director attended Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta to keep up to date on the latest developments from Microsoft and the technology industry. Matt writes about his experience below and why we… Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
Dedicated GPU Servers

GPU-accelerated computing combines the GPU and CPU components, which together can then be used for a host of applications. GPU accelerators are now more frequently used in datacentres in high profile companies as well as universities, technical/medical laboratories and… Read More



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