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By    -   Head of Technical Projects
Intel Layer 1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) “ForeShadow” Virtualised Platform Exploit

On the 14th August 2018, Intel released information regarding this new variant of side channel cached data exploit known as “Foreshadow”, a Layer 1 data cache exploit with the ability to render guest VM data readable to other guests in a virtualised platform that makes use of SGX extensions on an intel CPU. Read More

By    -   Head of Technical Projects
How To: Install & Configure Oracle Golden Gate 12.3 for Live Replication between Oracle Linux 7 (12c Database) and Windows Server 2016 (Microsoft SQL Server 2014) – Full SCHEMA

I will be showing how to install and configure Oracle Fusion Middleware Golden Gate 12.3 for the purposes of data replication from a 12c instance on Oracle Linux 7, into an MSSQL Server 2014 Std instance on Windows Server 2016 of a full Oracle SCHEMA. Read More

By    -   Service Delivery Engineer
HTTP/ HTTPS and SSL Certification

Hypertext Transfer Protocol, more commonly known via its acronym HTTP, is the method in which a website presents data and content from its own servers to your browser on any particular device. HTTP uses a basic text file that contains hyperlinks, which navigate through a website and provide information to load audio/visual and other content. HTTP has been the gold standard since the inception of the internet. HTTPS has now become the gold standard HTTP once was, especially in the current climate with increased data protection and how it helps ensure business and customer data is at a reduced risk of exploitation. Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
Time to replace Windows 7/8 at home and in the Workplace?

Windows 7 will be official retired come 2020. Much the same as XP being retired way back when ( 2009 to be pedantic) there will no doubt be the customary last minute dash to upgrade home and work systems to avoid potential conflicts and security breaches…. or so one would think. Read More

By    -   Help Desk Analyst
Microsoft Office 365 Security & Compliance

Microsoft aim for their Office 365 product to meet an organisations needs concerning both data usage and content security compliance. In order to fulfil content security and data usage compliancy Microsoft offer a range of diverse products and services. As we push further into 2018, Read More

By    -   Web & Marketing Strategist
Hyper Datacentre Boom and The Associated Memory Shortages

There is a huge growth in hyper scale datacentres, which has led to an increase in the price of memory in recent months. According to DRAMeXchange, Server DRAM revenue rose by 76% in 2017, and it is expected to increase by an additional 30% in Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
Oracle Apex – Shared Hosting Solutions

VooServers are very excited to announce that we are soon to go live with a UK Based Shared Oracle Cloud Service, with the aim of providing customers with an alternative option to dedicated oracle setups, which can require large commitments, expensive licencing and ongoing infrastructure changes. Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report Released

Tuesday 22nd January 2018 saw NETSCOUT release the 13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR). This report is useful in many sectors and in fact, particularly more so to the service provider. Read More

By    -   Web & Marketing Strategist
Common Digital Threats Overview

There seems to be no end to evolving security attacks aimed at computers and servers in these times. Every system is at risk of malicious attacks via a growing landscape of viruses and malwares created with different intentions however most recently the focus has strongly shifted to those of financial gains. Read More

By    -   Web & Marketing Strategist
IPv4 to IPv6 Protocol Upgrade

IPv4 is the current version of internet protocol which is used to send data over the internet. It is well known to have significant restrictions; the main one being the maximum addressing space which has made IPv4 resources very valuable over recent years. Due to these restrictions the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) designed a project for a new IP in the early 90’s, with performance and security in mind. Read More



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