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By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report Released

Tuesday 22nd January 2018 saw NETSCOUT release the 13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR). This report is useful in many sectors and in fact, particularly more so to the service provider. Read More

By    -   Web & Marketing Strategist
Common Digital Threats Overview

There seems to be no end to evolving security attacks aimed at computers and servers in these times. Every system is at risk of malicious attacks via a growing landscape of viruses and malwares created with different intentions however most recently the focus has strongly shifted to those of financial gains. Read More

By    -   Web & Marketing Strategist
IPv4 to IPv6 Protocol Upgrade

IPv4 is the current version of internet protocol which is used to send data over the internet. It is well known to have significant restrictions; the main one being the maximum addressing space which has made IPv4 resources very valuable over recent years. Due to these restrictions the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) designed a project for a new IP in the early 90’s, with performance and security in mind. Read More

By    -   Service Desk Manager
Kerberos Authentication Flaw Hidden For 20 Years

The flaw, was initially found in Heimdal, an open-source implementation of Kerberos just three months ago. However, it is prevalent in other implementations including those from Microsoft. Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
Microsoft Windows Server Semi-Annual Updates

Microsoft is changing the method in which it provides updates for Windows Server, which will fall in line with Windows 10 and Office 365 upgrades. Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
USB Security in 2017

It seems that the threat to business IT infrastructure is constantly evolving and adapting to pierce even the tightest of security and failsafe’s available. While viruses, malware and credit card fraud seem ever prevalent there is one method for compromising systems that has gone unnoticed Read More

By    -   Service Delivery Engineer
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with Windows Server

The hyper-converged market is rapidly growing in today’s climate; the market alone is worth upwards of one billion pounds and is thought to be growing at a rate of 150% every year. Those that do not understand… Read More

By    -   Help Desk Analyst
Microsoft Exchange Server High Availability

History of Exchange HA Prior to Exchange 2007, high availability and disaster recovery features were fairly limited and even up until Exchange 2010 these features relied heavily upon expensive technologies that were complex to implement. Exchange 2007 introduced Local Continuous Replication (LCR), Cluster Continuous Replication Read More

By    -   Sales and Marketing Manager
AMD 32 Core Naples CPU for Enterprise

At one point AMD was rivalling and indeed outperforming Intel in the CPU market, this was certainly the case as I was becoming a teenager (some 17 years ago now). Not only were AMD faster in many benchmarks, on many occasions they were better value… Read More

By    -   Web Strategist
How to keep your data safe in 2017

In the past couple of years, the number of data breaches has increased for companies of all sizes. Some of the more well-known breaches in the last couple of years were of Yahoo, where the account information of more than 500 million users was stolen… Read More



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