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This week is the biggest week in our annual conference calendar as we head to Microsoft Ignite in Orlando for a week filled of all things Microsoft. We’ve been attending Microsoft Ignite since it’s inception in 2014 when it changed from what used to be known as TechEd and the event is ever changing and growing which makes each year refreshing.

The reason we attend every year is not just for the latest updates on Microsoft products but also because it’s one of the best conferences for other business insights and personal development sessions. This makes it an incredibly valuable event and probably one of the best organised which is why this year 2 of us will be travelling to Ignite to be able to cover more of the event than ever before.

Microsoft Ignite is based at the Orange County Convention Center usually with upwards of 30,000 attendees and over 2000 different sessions covering various things from products to how to develop your career in I.T. The conference center is huge with some sessions catering for several thousand attendees and a lot of walking takes place across the week with a previous record of 26,000 steps in a single day.

In addition to sessions there is also a large expo floor with perhaps some of the best giveaways for any conference ranging from drones, surfaces and Xbox’s. You also can’t be a conference attendee without coming home with some swag such as t-shirts, stress balls, portable chargers and so on which makes fun for fitting it in the travel bag home.

Although there is a fun element to the conference the reason we’re really taking such a large chunk of time out is for the value that we’re able to bring back for our clients. During the normal day to day life of work it’s easy to focus on your existing product set only and these conferences allow us to expand our vision of the future of I.T. services and how we can help our clients to achieve more.

We’ll be working to bring you the latest news and updates on this blog through the week so please check back each day. We’ll also be bringing some video snippets of the conference this year so you can experience it through us in more detail.

Once the conference has finished we’ll be working to co-ordinate action points for clients where relevant on both achieving more with existing products and an insight into what products are coming that could be game changers.

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