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VooServers are pleased to present a free module for NopCommerce to integrate with Barclays ePDQ. Originally the module was developed as a personal project by our technical director Matt Parkinson however it soon attracted quite a bit of attention, even from Barclays themselves as one of their internal references.

Due to this attention Matt has now updated the module however in order to allow the plugin to be listed with Barclays we have been asked to add some commercial backing to the module.

To be clear, we will still not be charging for access to download the module however we will be providing paid support and customisations for £35/hour. If you require support or customisations for the module please call us on 0800 080 3200 or e-mail us at

05/09/2017 – New version of NopCommerce 3.90 supported with v4.1 release of this plugin available below due to popular demand.

  NopCommerce Barclays ePDQ Module v4.1 (84.3 KiB, 518 hits)

29/03/2016 – New version of NopCommerce 3.70 supported, SHA-In is also now supported as requested.

  NopCommerce Barclays ePDQ Module v4 (84.2 KiB, 953 hits)

27/02/2016 – There have been a number of requests for an updated plugin to work with NopCommerce 3.4+ as there were some changes in NopCommerce which cause errors if you try to use the older plugin on version 3.4+ of NopCommerce. Initial work has now been completed to update the plugin and beta testing is in progress by a few users. I expect to be able to release the new version publicly within the next week.

11/05/2014 – Due to popular demand we have now upgraded the module to work with NopCommerce v3.3 which can be downloaded below.

  NopCommerce Barclays ePDQ Module v3 (69.4 KiB, 1,657 hits)

Please find version 2 of the module at the link below. Version 2 brings with it support for NopCommerce 3.0 and the single page checkout which was one of the largest requests from the previous version.

  NopCommerce Barclays ePDQ Module v2 (57.8 KiB, 2,062 hits)


  • Stephen says:

    Hi Matt

    do you think you will be updating this plugin to work with nopcommerce 3.7 ? please


  • Rob says:

    Hi Matt,

    Is this plugin still on schedule for the end of the month?


  • simon says:

    Hi, I’m also keen on an update to the Barclays ePDQ plugin. Really keen to move on to 3.7

    • Hi,
      Work is in progress and I am doing my best to get it released before Tuesday but it may run a couple of days over.

    • Hi Simon,
      I now have a v4 beta version ready which works with NopCommerce 3.70.

      The plugin has mainly had changes to work with NopCommerce but not any changes on the Barclays side or any improved functionality.

      I unfortunately do not have access to a Barclays sandbox login at the moment to test it on Barclays end but I have made it so that the plugin is now installable and configurable in 3.70.

      If you can drop an e-mail to I will pick up your e-mail from there and send you the beta version. If you can provide me with feedback then I will look to get the new version made public.

      Once the new version is public I will then make some improvements and added functionality to the plugin once I have access to a Barclays sandbox environment.

  • Lyall says:

    Hi Matt, this looks exactly what I was after but I can’t get any version to appear in the plugin list in version 3.5, which one should I be using? Thanks

    • If you download version 4 of the module and in the txt file for supported versions put 3.5 it should work.

      • Lyall says:

        Thanks. Unfortunately if I put the plugin in the plugins folder I get the ‘The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference’ error. Nothing seems to fix the problem other than removing the plugin from the folder completely.

  • Matt Hobson says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have just added the latest plugin to our Nop Commerce 3.70 test environment and have noticed that the payment sent from Nop Commerce to Barclaycard is incorrect. The order total was £406.60 but when the payment details were displayed in Barclaycard it shows £40.66. It looks like there is an issue with decimal precision

    • HI Matt,
      There seems to be an anomaly between versions/installations as some installs people report it as correct and then I make a chance and it works for them and on others it’s then out.

      I am out of the office this week however I will try to address this as soon as I can for you and update here.

      • Matt Hobson says:

        Hi Matt,
        Many thanks, for the feed back. I have noticed that on some orders, it appears to be OK, so it obviously is intermittent, which reflects other peoples experiences maybe.

        Matt Hobson

  • Matt Hobson says:

    Hi Matt, Do you have any further update with the decimal precision issue I am encountering with Nopcommerce 3.70 and Barclays EQPD as I have a client who would like to get the payment gateway working ASAP as they are paying for the gateway with Barclays, but obviously they cant use it, as the amounts passed appear to be intermittent. I have tried it a few times since and it seems OK, but obviously very wary in going into the live environment with it.

    Kind Regards
    Matt Hobson

  • Paul Worthington says:

    Hi Matt,

    Will you be releasing this Plugin for version 3.8 of NOPCommerce. We have a requirement for ePDQ integration.


  • Stuart says:

    Good morning may I ask if you have a version for 3.9 as of yet ?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Stuart,
      I believe to support 3.9 there is quite a big code update required so I haven’t started on it yet however a number of requests have started to come in over the past few weeks which is always my driver to code updates.

      It will likely take me a couple of weeks with other bits of work that I need to complete that must take priority however I will aim to release a 3.9 version as soon as possible.

    • Hi Stuart,
      Version 4.1 of the module to work with nopCommerce 3.90 is now available to download above.

  • Luke says:

    Hello Matt,

    Thanks for you hard work on this plugin. Will you be releasing this an updated version for NopCommerce 3.9? Barclay has requested we upgrade to ePDQ integration.


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