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By    -   Head of Technical Projects
Server Operating Systems… The Famous Five

When it comes to dedicated servers, choosing an Operating System to suit your needs is crucial. Here at VooServers we offer a variety of custom setups, but by far the most common requests at setup time are… Read More

By    -   Help Desk Analyst
How attachments are changing in Outlook and Sharepoint 2016

If you’ve recently upgraded to Outlook 2016 you may have noticed attachments are handled a little differently. Referred to as “Modern Attachments”, this new and improved way of dealing with attachments adds extra functionality that not only… Read More

By    -   Head of Technical Projects
Windows 10: Is it a Game Changer?

Windows 10, the source of much controversy over the last 6months or so, is finally upon us, and has been for a solid month or two now. Released officially on June 29th 2015, the first few machines of users who opted in to the free upgrade process… Read More



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