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Skype for Business enables your company to more effectively manage both internal and external communications, ultimately increasing productivity whilst lowering expenses when compared to traditional phone systems. With its integration into many Microsoft products you can click to dial from a number of applications and lookup incoming calls against your CRM database or Outlook contacts to offer a personalised answer to the caller.

VooServers® have been providing Microsoft based unified communications services since 2010 and have transitioned a number of companies from traditional auxiliary PBX’s to advance digital telephony solutions based on Skype for Business.

Whether you are looking for only a couple of users or a multiple branch configuration we can tailor a solution to your company and its I.T. budgets. Please contact us today on 0800 0803 200 or for further information and access to our demo systems.

Desktop Client

The Skype for Business desktop client can be installed on Laptop’s, PC’s and Mac’s and allows your users access to all of the features that SFB has to offer. With our hosted Skype plans you can look forward to a vast array of benefits including enterprise voice, web conferencing, call recording, live presence status, instant messaging for staff and external partners and much more. 

Through the use of the desktop client you can allow your staff to communicate via instant messaging without the need for back and forth e-mails within the office. Users can clearly see whether colleagues are in a call or meeting to allow for better judgement on the correct communication method to use – decreasing response times and improving productivity and communication within the workplace.
Hosted Skype For Business Desktop Clients

Mobile Clients

Skype for Business is compatible with most handheld devices including Windows Mobile, Android and IOS smart phones and tablets making it easy to start conversations anywhere. Using the mobile clients your office phone number will follow you whether you are working from home or visiting a client’s office allowing you to pick up calls wherever you are as long as you have network connectivity, all within a familiar and intuitive interface.
Skype For Business Mobile Clients

Web Conferencing

Skype for Business allows you to create an online meeting and have both internal and external users dial in via telephone, or by using the web based SFB client as a guest, having up to 250 users connected with HD Video and Audio available. With SFB, you can share your desktop or individual applications with other users in the meeting. Combine Skype For Business with Microsoft to increase productivity by displaying a PowerPoint presentation, Word document etc. directly on their screens.
Skype For Business Web Conferencing

Enterprise Voice (VOIP)

VooServers offer a range of enterprise voice plans allowing you to connect your Skype for Business server to the PSTN network and fully replace your old phone system with the latest digital telephony technology. When connected to the PSTN network your office phone number will follow you wherever you are allowing you to answer calls as though you are in the office.

Enterprise voice also enables automated response group menus for directing calls to the appropriate department and voice mail services fully integrated with Exchange/Outlook. Voice mails are delivered directly to your inbox both as an MP3 and converted to text allowing you to listen or view them whilst on the move.
Skype For Business Network Map

Skype for Business Overview

To view our Skype for Business overview leaflet please click the following link: Hosted Skype For Business Leaflet

For more information email sales at or call on 0800 0803 200

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