Year in Review 2016

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2016 has been an inspired year for VooServers. From launching a new Datacentre location in Los Angeles, USA to introducing a new GPU server range there have been many exciting developments for the team and of course our clients as well.

GPU Server Range:

VooServers recently introduced our off the shelf GPU server packages. These servers use cutting edge NVIDIA graphics cards featuring a wide variety of product lines such as GeForce, Tesla and GRID technologies. For those in architectural, rendering and design industries our GPU servers provide the horsepower you need to create multiple desktop environments without the need for dedicated GPU hardware for each user. GPU servers can also be used for multiple gaming implementations similar to NVIDIA’s own GRID system. Many of these cards provide increased computational processing power allowing applications to take the load off the processor providing significant performance boosts. It is for this reason that Dedicated GPU servers are being used within scientific field, for example Tesla cards can accelerate scientific computations significantly assisting scientists to replicate disease reproduction and accelerate the finding of new drugs to combat these diseases. The system is also helpful for imaging departments and other medical professions to get a clear picture inside the human body improving diagnoses. Bit-coin as well as many other mining based companies have been using GPU’s for the past few years as they provide faster mining than a CPU can offer. As well as off the shelf packages VooServers can also provide custom GPU server specifications for customers looking for specific setups. For more information on our GPU servers please see:

New Datacentre:

VooServers had been keen to provide an additional datacentre location to its customer base for some time, however with the Brexit vote and uncertainties around repercussions of the result the project was put on hold. As the end of the year approached VooServers decided to execute our expansion plans by launching its 4th datacentre location in Los Angeles, California, USA with 100 servers initially installed. Having covered the East Coast for the past 3 years with our New York datacentre, this new location gives VooServers presence on the US west coast. This in turn means that the VooServers high availability and failover platform provides multi homed infrastructure with sub 30 second failover. These measures can be achieved within the same country for customers who wish to have their infrastructure based solely in the USA. Additionally the Los Angeles datacentre provides a more local service to those in Central/ South America/ Canada.

Other snippets:

  • In addition to the new datacentre in Los Angeles, our Frankfurt Datacentre has seen a huge increase in infrastructure compared to the beginning of the year.
  • Kent Messenger released their top 30 Kent young entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in March 2016, and the VooServers team were proud that our Technical Director, Matt Parkinson came in 11th place.
  • VooServers received an award from the Kent Messenger in March, 2016 for its work and support for the KM Team Charity.
  • Sam Tutt became the web strategist for the company upon completion of his Creative Pioneers apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, May 2016.
  • Former Business Development Manager, Matthew Porter returned to the company as Sales and Marketing Manager, December 2016.
  • In December 2016 VooServers expanded their office space to accompany the growing number of staff employed.

Coming up in 2017:

  • Network expansion for our Global Infrastructure will result in enhanced features such as more point to point fibres going live.
  • To give our customers enhanced control of their services we will be upgrading our customer portal which will include being able to monitor a number of new statistics. Users will also be able to use integrated KVM as well as having access to power controls.

VooServers would like to thank our customers for a fantastic and successful 2016. We also look forward to continuing to provide first class customer service as well as being consistently on the cutting edge with our product line and services well into the New Year and beyond. Be sure to follow the latest news at on VooServers the website, and for any queries please contact

By on December 30th, 2016