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Here at VooServers we are heavy users of both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and WHMCS and whilst both have their positives and negatives one of the great things about Dynamics CRM is its Outlook integration and in particular the ability to convert an e-mail you have received to a Case, Opportunity, Lead etc.

To date there is no Outlook plugin for WHMCS that is openly available and that offers the functionality to convert e-mails to support tickets so our Technical Director Matt Parkinson embarked on the task of putting something together.

You can find the download for the plugin at the end of this article which is designed to work with Outlook 2010 onwards. Once it is installed you will see it appear as a new tab on your ribbon in Outlook.


The first thing you will need to do is go to the WHMCS tab and press the “Configuration” button which will open a new window for you to enter your WHMCS details. The URL should be entered in the format of https://whmcsinstall.com/includes/api.php. The username and password are the ones that you would use to login to the WHMCS admin portal.

Please note that for the plugin to work your IP address will need to be authorised for API access and you will need to ensure the role assigned to your user in WHMCS has api access otherwise the functions will not work.

Once configured if you select an e-mail in your Outlook and press the “Convert To Ticket” button it will take the sender e-mail address, locate the client in WHMCS and create a ticket under their client account with the e-mail body.

Currently the plugin has only been put together very quickly so errors and bugs are likely to be present. If there is enough demand for the plugin then we will continue development with better error handling and addditional features.


Version 1.1 is now available from here

By on June 12th, 2015