Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – Day 2

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We were back at the Moscone Center in San Francisco today attending Oracle OpenWorld 2019 and obtaining the latest information on all things Oracle. The day was planned to be quite variant with information on MySQL, Oracle Database and Oracle Cloud across 6 different sessions.

The day started with a tutorial on InnoDB clusters which is a relatively new feature in MySQL since Oracle purchased it. InnoDB Clusters offer high availability on MySQL databases with an ease of configuration ethos which was clear to see from the demo’s given. What’s best about InnoDB Clusters is that they are even included in the community edition of MySQL with the 3 main components of the cluster system also being open source.

The number of websites that run MySQL is phenomenal so being able to add an enterprise feature in high availability to protect a database is a huge advantage for many small and medium businesses that rely on MySQL for their databases. What’s more is that in the demos the downtime for a failure was 5 seconds which for a community database system is incredible.

Oracle OpenWorld 2019

The next big item for the day was Oracle Database In-Memory which allows data in tables to be held in-memory for faster access than the storage system. The in-memory options significantly improve database performance and combined with automatic in-memory management from Oracle 18c it’s getting much easier to create significantly faster databases on the same hardware.

The last item to note for the day is new functionality for RMAN to allow backups to the Oracle Cloud using the DB Backup Cloud Module. This feature allows easy archival of backups offsite and into the Oracle cloud block storage platform which can help to meet a number of compliance requirements such as for an end of quarter or end of year archive without impacting on space on the local RMAN servers.

What was interesting about the RMAN backups to the cloud is that it’s a clear way to make the most of cloud alongside existing environments or in multi-cloud environments. This is something that we are always keen to see as making the best of each environment to come up with an overall multi-cloud solution is something that we’re always interested in achieving for our clients.
Finally for the day, Oracle made clear in a keynote again that they are working to deliver all of their products to the location you want to consume it and are not just pushing their own cloud services. Although Microsoft have also started to take this stance in the past couple of years it’s not as far ahead as Oracle appear to be.

By on September 18th, 2019