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Unlike previous iterations of Microsoft Windows Server, the 2016 edition was not released in tandem with Windows latest operating system (Windows 10). Currently in beta form (or Technical Preview 5 to be precise at the time this article) the full release edition of Windows Server 2016 is expected to be released in quarter 3 of 2016.

There will be three editions available at launch date for customers to choose from to suit their particular requirements:

Windows Server 2016 Datacentre For highly virtualised environments
Windows Server 2016 Standard Non virtualised or unsubstantial levels of virtualisation required
Windows Server 2016 Essentials Small business users with 25-50 devices.

Windows Server 2016 is cloud ready out of the box, and will continue to support your business as per previous versions but has evolved to include upgraded features as well as brand new ones. Those customers that choose a Windows Server can rest assured that they will be in safe hands. Below are key areas where improvements have been made.

Credential Guard protects administrative credentials from being unwillingly obtained.

Virtual machines will be protected using BitLocker encryption and will require hosts to be approved before user access is granted.

Security features included are Control Flow Guard and Code Integrity which will allow only access granted binary code becoming active.

Hyper-V Containers provide further security, and in particular for containerised applications.

The new Nano Server deployment option will allow the full Windows Server 2016 deployment at a fraction of the storage space (Nano Server Deployments will not require additional Client Access Licenses).

Infrastructure clusters can be upgraded to the latest edition with no impact on your services as there will be no downtime, and neither will there be the need to use fresh hardware.

A new web based GUI allow you to access your server from just about any location.

Support for various and multiple operating systems.

Storage cost reduction
Software storage will be highly available and cost effective compared to Storage Area Network or Network Attached Storage setups.

Storage can be replicated across multiple datacentres.

Cloud Networking
A scalable network controller allows workloads to be deployed and maintained with a number of networking policies available within seconds.

Distributed firewall allows for network segmentation depending on current tasks at hand. Security is increased having traffic routed to virtualised firewalls using layer enforcement.

Run hybrid workload in containers and use VXLAN and NVGRE to distribute to whichever server, rack or cloud you like at any given time.

RDMA and tenant traffic can be combined for use on the same network interface cards to reduce costs without compromising performance.

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit will allow you to transfer your Windows Server License to Azure without having to pay full cost for an additional Windows Server Virtual Machine. A base compute rate is all that would be required.


Licensing for Windows Server 2016 will now be calculated via physical cores as opposed to processers, this will allow licensing across those environments using multiple cloud systems to use the same model. This should also provide increased clarity and reduce confusion or complications. For those servers with 8 cores or less per individual processer the cost will be the same as the 2012 R2 2x processor license cost. Core licenses will be available as x2 packages for those systems that need additional licenses over the 8 cores per processor threshold. Windows server CALS will still be required for each user or device using the server. To access Remote Desktop Services or Active Directory Rights Managements Services Additive CAL’s will be required.

VooServers will be supporting Windows Server deployments and can help tailor towards your specific needs. With the updates provided by Microsoft in the new edition of Windows Server along with our consistently high level of service provision and customer focus you rest assured that your system will be monitored, protected and highly efficient at all times.

By on May 30th, 2016