ICANN to takeover DNS

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DNS (Domain Naming System) is a term frequently used across the World Wide Web. It is an important term to all those that use the internet for consumer and business purposes.

DNS connects internet domain names (eg. www.VooServers.com) to an IP address. Therefore if you typed into www.VooServers.com you should find the site with no issues, however behind the scenes this website name is linked to a specific IP address, and this process of matching up is known as resolving. Without the function provided via the DNS you would have to manually type the address in the IP format for example: This would not be an issue if there were only a handful or so of addresses to remember, however as consumers and business use the internet and access multiple sites on a daily basis it would be near impossible to remember them all.

The US authority has now had control of the DNS for almost 20-Years, until now. The US has now decided it will relinquish all control to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) a nonprofit private organization. This company has representatives of governments, large scale technical companies and other significant business’s.

The changeover was actually decided back in 2014, mostly on the proviso that ICANN could prove that they are capable of handling the change.

The DNS will officially be under ICANN control 1st October 2016.

From a functioning point of view, little will actually change as ICANN have actually been involved heavily in running the DNS for many years.

While the US have confirmed they do not believe there any cause for concerns by relinquishing control, and many approve of the power not being restricted ‘authoritarian’ US control there are critics of the move who feel that this power could be manipulated and used to suit the agenda of certain governments and high profile companies.

By on August 19th, 2016