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In our industry, uptime is absolutely everything, we need to ensure services are online 100% of the time regardless of issues with network or hardware. To ensure we meet such high standards, when they are required, we use ARCserve HyperV High Availability and Assured Recovery to ensure we are never vulnerable to downtime. VooServers prides itself on having multiple points of presence, which gives us the flexibility of offering customers the option of additional failover to another site in the event of a failure at power or network level. The concept is relatively simple, both servers must be running the same operating system, have the ARCserve engine driver running and HyperV installed:

Let’s say for example Server A is your master server, the server that will be active 99% of the time generally. The control panel is used to configure the failover scenario, which can be highly customisable, I will tackle some of those features shortly. Server A is constantly checking whether Server B (located in Germany – known as the replica) is online, while Server B is also checking Server A is also online. The Virtual machine data and disks from HyperV are constantly replicating from Server A to Server B to ensure both Master and Replica are completely up to date in the event of a failover.

The operating system on the master develops a disk fault and crashes, the replica (Server B) spots that the master has gone offline and instantly calls itself into action, bringing the virtual machines online right where things were left off before the crash on the master. The whole process takes no longer than a minute and is completely seamless. When you have resolved any issues with Server A (currently now the replica), and the data spool is fully synced and up to date, you can fail the server back over and continue as normal. This also opens up the possibility of making maintenance quick and easy, simply bring the VM up in one location, make it live, and work on the other in the meantime. You can then test your upgrades/changes work in a test environment without worrying about any impact on the live system.

The control panel software is highly customisable, you can create reports, configure email alerts, install/update agents remotely, as well as altering the failover process. For instance if you would prefer to manually failover the HyperV scenarios then that is an option you can configure from within the control panel.


You can also configure snapshots from within the control panel, this allows you to mount the virtual machine from a single point in time. A quick example of this, if you lost a file for whatever reason 2 days ago and couldn’t take the machine offline on the master, you could simply mount the snapshot of that particular VM from the data required on the replica, find the file you need and then move it back over to your master, all without the need to take anything offline at any point. It’s all very straight forward and gives you the reassurance that you always have 2 active copies of your data in two completely separate infrastructures. With HA Assured Recovery you are always one step ahead when it comes to ensuring your systems are online – all the time.

By on July 22nd, 2015